Monday, January 12, 2009

Poker Withdrawal

Happenstance has resulted in no poker hours since December 28th. I started off last year in a similar predicament as the result of overseas travel. This year has been a combination of domestic travel and family responsibilities. It has been a very nice change of pace. Often times by midweek, I will get the itch to start playing some cards. A couple of years ago, I may have even ended up like this poor guy, playing on the internet while trying to provide child care. However lately my poker thoughts have been fleeting and I am open to other topics.

That other topic has been my daughter as I have been at a loss lately to keep us both entertained. I tolerate being bored much better than she does and this past weekend there were a couple of occasions when she led me by hand off the couch to take a seat at the tea party or to share in the completion of a Duplo tower. I should be thrilled that she is more interested in books, but as she has managed to memorize the last couple of words of each page, I have managed to memorize the entire book. While it is a lot of fun, it can also be tedious at times.

Summertime is much easier as we can go for walks or go to the park. In the winter, we are limited to museums, aquariums and the like. As a family it is often fun to go to the community recreation center, but on my own the bundling up and preparation is a little daunting. It will be nice to see what the next couple of weeks have in store as it is a long weekend followed by another weekend when I will assume a larger parenting role.


Anonymous said...

Tech-mba, I hope you get to play some poker soon but mainly just get some rest. It has been a busy couple of weeks!

Sanjiv Gupta said...

The past couple of weekends have been much slower and at 14 hours, I am pushing against my monthly average if I want to stay under 160 hours for the year.