Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Break

Well another winter shut down has come and gone. I always have grand plans for my break, but more often than not, I just kind of laze around watching TV and taking care of random errands.

This time I did get 5 exercise sessions in. I also managed to screw up my knee. I think it was just an odd pressure from crawling around after my daughter but it is hard to say. The onset was 2 days following an outdoor run. The progression was pain with swelling which subsided in less than a week.

I got 1 session of poker in and it was nice to end the year with 2 winning sessions. My sessions have been shorter and I have not been coming home at 2:30 AM as often.

2 days were spent babysitting which were fewer than I expected. My wife worked from home and had a few vacation days which took some of the edge off of being solely responsible.

Finally 4 days were spent travelling which is about right. I would have rather travelled on the front end than the tail end, but that is how things worked out.

I didn’t get in much reading, nor was I able to burn the DVD I had been thinking about. I also did not take care of any projects around the house. I did manage to catch up on the entire fall television season including Tivo programming and OnDemand series that I follow.

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