Monday, March 30, 2009

What Weekend?

It seems like the weekend really flew by. I think that has more to do with the disruptions to the work week as much as anything we had going on this past weekend.

My wife and I finally had a date night Friday night. It was a quick jaunt to Sears, followed by an evening at Chili’s. The dining experience was nothing glamorous, but the food was good and we had a chance to talk about a few items that had been simmering for both of us. Our communication has been breaking down and some external issues have brought up the imbalance in how we as a couple contribute to household finance and maintenance.

Saturday was a busy day with story time, a trip to the airport and a casino trip. It was fun to spend time with Diya as she is starting to become better about sitting and listening. Of course the 30 minute story time exceeds her 3 minute attention span, but I have come to appreciate small victories.

Sunday was a lazy day in that didn’t feel like a lazy day in. The house was up early which was not unusual. Then we made our glorious return to Costco for a nice selection of samples. Then it got crazy as my daughter missed due to Costco pizza which I complemented with Pepsi. This is not the preferred drink for a toddler before nap time. After that struggle of trying to get a non-sleepy child to sleep, we headed to Sears for some price adjustments on a Range/Micro/hood assembly we had purchased. This was pretty easy.

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