Thursday, April 02, 2009

Full House

Growing up, my parent’s had a four bedroom house and from time to time when people came to visit us kids were displaced. I usually was the first one ousted and my sister was second. My younger sister usually got to keep her room as it only had a twin size bed. This was a minor inconvenience that would come up a couple of times/year.

My wife and I own a three bedroom house with two kids. Barring future additions to the family the plan is to have the girls share a room and for us to maintain a guest bedroom. If that doesn’t work out the next solution would be for the girls to each have their own room.

Right now our first daughter has her own room and the second sleeps with us in the master bedroom. My mother-in-law has been staying with us for a little while so our guest bedroom is unofficially her room. The dilemma posed is as we occasionally have visitors, who gets displaced?

It would be easy to say that daughter #1 gives up her room, but her room only has a full size bed, which is not suitable for more than one person. The next scenario would be that my Mother-in-law gives up the guest bedroom with the queen size bed. Finally the least sensible scenario but also the most likely is to give up the master bedroom which leaves me sleeping with my daughter while my wife and newborn are on the fold out bed upstairs.

With more than one couple arriving, the logistics can get even crazier. This scenario would include an inflatable air mattress downstairs and one person sleeping on the couch. It will be much easier when the kids are school aged and know how to go to bed and stay asleep. Right now each one is a delicate genius that requires rituals and regiments for a calm night.

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Anonymous said...

It is painful huh? Hope it gets better soon.