Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Safety in Numbers

Yesterday was a night of household responsibilities. I don’t mind these outings as I feel like we are getting something done and it is good to get out of the house for everybody. This is especially true when the weather is pleasant.

The first task of the evening was changing out a headlight bulb on my wife’s car. This was surprisingly easy and didn’t even require any hand tools. I have not replaced the headlights on my car yet, but my retired Chevrolet was a little more involved as the headlight assembly was unscrewed and the new assembly screwed back in. I wish I would have had some more foresight to replace them both at once, but hind sight is 20/20.

The major task of the evening was grocery shopping. This is usually painless as I can run out by myself and pick everything up in 20 minutes. However the primary cook in our house wanted to go and nobody wanted to stay home with one or both kids. I guess there is a fear of being solely responsible for anything. At any rate, we all loaded up into the station wagon with two working headlights for the grocery store.

We actually made pretty good time, the baby slept the entire time and the toddler was only moderately disruptive. The department store was a little tougher especially since we passed the toy department. Our toddler has started to get the hang of shopping. When she is allowed to walk we often have mysterious items in the cart. Last night the items in question included risotto mix, cereal and even some socks. We have gotten pretty good at screening prior to check out, but we still tell the sales associate that we don’t want certain items as they pass through the scanner.

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