Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family in Town

Having family in town is unique relative to having house guests in general. Typically I will see my parent’s and sisters twice/year. Most of the gatherings are at somebody’s house with the occasional neutral location. While ticket prices can be expensive certain times of year, there is a price associated with hosting as well. The price of hosting is not getting a vacation.

When I fly to Tennessee or Texas with the family it is stressful navigating the airport with a family and I miss some of my routine from home. However this is offset by not dealing with laundry and other house hold chores. Further there is less mind share devoted to work and exercise. However when family comes to Colorado, in addition to the daily grind, there is the task of getting everybody situated and entertained.

With family, the entertainment is easier as we are content to talk, go to the park and watch movies. Meals are easy as well as my family has tastes to accommodate most restaurants. The toughest part of the weekend was sleeping as we had 4 kids who take naps and have different bed time schedules to contend with.

All in all, it was a short fun filled weekend. It was fun to get to know my nephews and get involved in their activities and let them share my activities. My older daughter was particularly thrilled with having kids her age to play with.

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