Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Trip to the ER

On Saturday my older daughter was again climbing on chairs, but this time the chair fell back giving her quite a shock, bumping her head, and smashing two of her fingers. This time, we were a little calmer as parents. We quieted her down, let her take the nap she need to anyway and assessed her injuries when she woke up. The bump on her head was not too bad, her right index finger was cut up a little and the nail on her left middle finger was a pretty ugly shade of purple.

After my younger daughter woke up, we headed to urgent care. I wasn’t sure if her finger was broken and did not want to take any chances. The absence of point tenderness indicated that fracture was unlikely. As a result, the doctor burned a couple of holes in the back of the nail for drainage and sent us on our way.

It is always better to over-react a little rather than be told, you really should have brought her in because now her finger has set crooked. However, with my medical background, you would think I would be a little better with triage than the past year has proven out.

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