Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wusthof Knives

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive my latest new editions to the cutlery drawer. In addition to get the knife sharpener that my MAC was desperately pining for, I picked up a serrated utility knife and a peeler. The utility knife is a standard 5” design, but sports the Emerilware Professional logo. I was just excited it was 70% off. I guess everybody in the world prefers black handles. The peeler was again a one off and was 42% off for the white handle instead of the black of the Wusthof Classic series. Both knives use the same forged (versus stamped) steel and have the classic shaped handle.

The victim of my new found cutlery was a harmless Tucson melon. This poor thing didn’t stand a chance. The freshly sharpened MAC cut through the melon like a hot knife through butter. The peeler had great hand feel and made short work of separating the flesh from the rind. Sure I could have accomplished the same thing with my Mundial, but the curved blade of the peeler just felt right.

The melon’s flesh tasted extra sweet having been extracted with my new toys.

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