Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love You Man

“I Love You Man” is a pretty funny movie that keeps the crudeness at an acceptable level. The premise is an engaged man who realizes that he does not have close male friend to fill out a wedding party and most importantly act as his best man. The film opens with random men he is meeting then dives into his first male friendship which unfortunately impacts his engagement.

Having a male friendship allows a portal for his fiancé to get to know him better and discovers that among other things, he is a fan of the band “Rush” who she has never heard of.

The film is well cast, but the male supporting actor is a little over the top. Rashida Jones is delightful in the female lead. I knew that I had seen her before and I guess it was from the Office.

On a personal note, I realized that I do not currently have any male friends that I keep in touch with on a regular basis. My friends or friends circle in the past has revolved around living arrangements and hobbies. In the past I have been close with roommates and classmates. Other close friends have included a climbing partner, bicycling partner, softball teammates and poker buddies. There have been a few constants, but at this point those include touching bases roughly once/month. The friendship depicted in the movie is calling a couple of times/week and getting together once per week for an activity or just to hang out.

The other side note is the “man cave” on the set. I had heard of a male retreat for when life gets crazy and to display the random collection of pictures and memorabilia that men seem to accumulate. I wonder if the day will come when I have a personal retreat in the house, but it is more likely that I will take a pause from reality by leaving the house.

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