Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One to Fifteen Scale Revisited

It has been just about a year since my original post on the one to fifteen scale for prioritizing items in my life. The original post was not that enlightening. However, a lot has changed since then.

In the fall I sustained and recovered from severe tendonitis brought on by a tarsal coalition. I was fitted for orthotics and got back on the training bandwagon. In February my second daughter was born and she has reset the bar for excitement and family activities. This summer has marked was first season of triathlon and my lowest semi-annual poker hours since I began tracking 5 years ago.

Family is still my highest priority. I reflect this by being home and mostly present. I help out with meals, baths and support family functions. I try to maintain a clean environment for my family. Right now I am also responsible for dropping off and picking up from day care.

Health is my next priority although I don’t support that well. I take care of my physical health with exercise, but I am inconsistent with vitamins and nutrition. I haven’t done anything to support my mental or spiritual health in the first half of the year.

Work is my next priority and I haven’t supported that well either. I show up and do my job, but have not gone above and beyond. I have not made an effort to keep my skills current or market my skills throughout the organization.

Hobbies are still my next priority and triathlon has been consuming about 15 hours per month. Poker is next at about 8 hours per month. Finally, coin collecting has fallen off the grid. I have attended 1 coin show and have not bought nor sold any coins in the past six month. I am still planning on buying the annual proof set.

Finally home care and social activities are bringing up the rear. This has certainly been validated as I have gone as far as outsourcing lawn care this year. Also this year we have had guest over less than once per month with the most excitement being around Diya’s birthday which was again not done at home.

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