Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Goals – Midyear Update

As I had mentioned in the original post, I had 8 goals for the year. It is time to check in and see how things are going.

Relationship: I have made progress in my relationship goals, but unfortunately am not on target. I will have to renew emphasis in the second half of the year if I want to make these. Date night has only been successful 4 of 6 months. Further I have not tracked quality time with my spouse, but it seems like that has decreased even further from the 2008 average.

Health: I am doing great on the swim workouts and am nearly 100% over target. However, on the nutrition front, I have not any effort to measure caloric intake and do not know where I stand.

Hobbies: I am doing great on both goals. I was targeting 160 or fewer hours of poker for the year and have come in at 50 hours, so I have a little leeway in the second half of the year. I was also shooting for 3 endurance events. I have completed 2 and have registered for a third event in August. I also had a flyer to maintain a hobbies budget. The first quarter was 33% over budget, but the second quarter has been within 6% of budget. I expect the second half of the year to be under budget.

Family: My family goals have been hit and miss. In terms of spending quality time with the kids, I have not made an effort to track that. It may be time to start as I expect the hours per month are very low. On the television front, I have tracked that carefully. Given that I started with 114 hours in the first quarter, my 5% reduction goal would be 108 hours for the second quarter. I am coming in at 75 hours, but that has more to do with summer rebroadcasts than my lack of interest.

The second half of the year will provide an opportunity to correct some shortfalls. I may even provide a quarterly update September 30th.

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