Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reclaiming the Garage

Well our basement remodel is complete and it is time to reclaim the garage. We moved into the house with a two car garage and were able to park two cars inside the garage. This was remarkably easy and the only extra items in the garage were lawn and garden tools, a couple of bicycles, a set of golf clubs, a set of tires and a shelf of miscellaneous items.

At present the garage is consumed with 4 strollers, sporting goods ad infinitum, books, paperwork and overflow clothing in addition to the items that already resided in the garage. We have acquired 2 new strollers this summer. The sporting goods lived in the basement and either need to return or find a new home. The books and paperwork will return to the basement as time allows. This clothing is either slated for donation, does not currently fit or is out of season.

As time allows is the key statement in the last paragraph. We finished our basement to make our lives easier by providing finished space away from the hustle and bustle of an active home with 4+1 members the majority of the time. We were not attempting to create more work for ourselves or create a money pit ripe for purchasing more shelving, contact paper, trash cans, towel sets, and sheet sets.

We also do not need to create the stressor of purchasing a television, sofa set and queen size bed. The stressor in this case in not money (about 10% of the finishing costs), but instead time to look, purchase and coordinate delivery. As winter sets in and house guests begin to purchase tickets it will be time to start with a bed and then take a wait, see and enjoy approach.

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