Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Knocked Up

Well I finally had a chance to see Knocked Up and really enjoyed the movie. While the low brow humor was a little much at times it definitely suits my tastes. I really appreciated the cast who includes the usual suspects in terms of societies “loser” roles and picture perfect “family” roles.

The premise is pretty straightforward as a one night stand between unlikely individuals leads to a forced relationship as she is “knocked up” during the course of a booze filled evening. Our heroine’s sister is the antagonist that paints a vivid portrayal of some day to day aspects of married life. There are also some not so day to day aspects including a sequence when she suspects her husband of having an affair.

Having recently been through the countdown to baby, I also got a kick out of the obstetrics scenes as well as preparing the baby’s room and eventually heading to the hospital.

The most poignant message is to understand your life partner and enjoy the little things that make a relationship work. Anybody who has ever truly encountered the following sequence will understand.

“What can I do ..?”

“I shouldn’t have to ask you …”

I recommend it as a must rent comedy if you can handle the sophomoric scenes.

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