Monday, October 05, 2009

The Hangover

“The Hangover” finally made it to the discount theater and I was not disappointed. The premise is a bachelor party in Las Vegas that goes horribly wrong. There were several scenes that jumped the shark, but I will not hold that against the film.

The cast is endearing enough. My favorite character is “Andy” from “The Office” who portrays a dentist in a bad relationship. The groom is only a minor character. “Phil” is the cool guy. “Alan” has some great lines as the brother-in-law who is a little off that joins the three good friends. As the plot unfolds they have a wild night in Vegas but can’t remember any of it and have to find the missing groom.

The adventures include a run in with Mike Tyson, an escort, an encounter with a high roller and his bodyguards, the LVPD, the hospital and last but not least a drug dealer. While the film is definitely over the top, there are some really funny scenes and it is pretty entertaining. Stick around for the closing credits as the night is revealed in still pictures.

When I checked Wikipedia, it indicated that “The Hangover 2” is in process, but I don’t have as high hopes.

My own guy’s trip to Vegas was much more subdued, with the three of us engrossed in poker, taking minor breaks to have dinner and throw some dice. In retrospect, I should have at least gone to a strip club, but maybe that is something I can save for my 40th birthday. It is tough on the cheap splitting a $180 room instead of a $4200 villa. Also none of us were drinkers and there are only so many adventures to consider without an impaired mind.

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