Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Parking in the Garage

Well a significant milestone has been reached. This is the culmination of a basement remodel that eliminated 700 square feet of storage space. It was a glorious thing to step into the garage this morning and enter a room temperature car.

We do not have an oversized garage. There is exactly enough width for two cars and lengthwise we could not accommodate long wheelbase vehicles without eliminating storage. The garage is now appointed with two 4 feet wide 2 feet deep and 3 feet tall shelves, a set of cabinets, and three wall mount shelves. In that storage space we have accommodated a set of tires, sporting goods totes, coolers, garden tools, hand tools, and power tools.

The biggest organizational challenge was accommodating 5 strollers (yes Bob, 5 strollers). We have the jogging stroller, the bicycling buggy, the Combi, the Joovy Caboose, and finally an umbrella stroller. Fortunately these all fold up and could be stored underneath the wall shelving.

Another interesting challenge was my daughter’s bicycles. She does not pedal yet, but still is keeping pace with me and my two bicycles. The unfortunate solution is that her bikes are now hanging from the ceiling. This is actually a preferred solution as I would rather get them down as necessary rather than having to step over them on a daily basis.

The last interesting touch for the garage was a dart board that gets little use, but is unfortunately unpopular on Craigslist. While I don’t see the usage going up, it is out of the way and functional in the summer time if I would like it to be.

I really wish I had a before shot, but the after shot is worth a review.

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