Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving at Home

Growing up, my family somehow started to make a big deal out of Thanksgiving. It was my parent’s big event of the year and we would have 20-30 guests descend upon the house for a wonderful feast. This tradition has maintained itself reasonably well as me and my sisters have moved out of the house. Unfortunately we don’t get back every year, but we do try at least every other year. On the off years, my sister has hosted or we have gotten together with friends. This will be the second year we do Thanksgiving at home. The last time it was my wife and I and this time we will see what the girls think of the adventure.

The menu will be pretty simple and based on traditional dishes that somehow don’t get made during the balance of the year. I will pick up a turkey breast from the grocery store along with some ham. We will also make stuffing, mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole. I will make a point of having a can of cranberry sauce along with at least one dessert. Maybe if I am feeling adventurous I will attempt cookie bars.

Although the girls are too young to understand anything, they may be thankful for Mommy and Daddy being home instead of at work. If not it will still be nice to all eat at the same time. Our normal routine is for me to eat first and start Diya’s first course while my Mother-in-law feeds Nisha. This is followed by my wife eating and starting Diya’s second course. Finally my Mother-in-law eats during the children’s bath time.

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