Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Julie & Julia

I had the opportunity to see “Julie & Julia” with my wife last night and was surprised that I knew nothing of this charmer of a movie. Julia refers to Julia Child and Julie is a big fan of hers who finds peace and direction in her life by attempting to work her way through the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

As a wannabe chef, I enjoyed perusing the cookware nuances. I am still sold on picking up a Le Creuset French oven as well as a 10 inch stainless steel frying pan. However as an occasionally practical father of two, I realize that I don’t cook. I enjoy following a recipe, but am usually disappointed with the results. My last recipe was black bean cakes, which I couldn’t swallow. Of course I did skip the miso ingredient opting for miso soup mix. It is anybody’s guess which corner of the world will motivate my next culinary dalliance.

As a fan of romantic comedies, the dialogue was quite true to life and the film was well cast. I like Meryl Streep and was pleasantly surprised by Amy Adams who I did not remember from “Doubt” or her other films. A take home lesson for me is that something that starts as a way to “kill” time can engulf a person and that is not a bad thing. Julie and Julia both found their passions. Who knows, my passion may end up being hat making.

As a blogger, I really enjoyed the personal way Julie communicates with her readers. She feels connected with them through comments and feels that she owes them something. I follow several blogs. The topics range from sports to financial markets to parenting as well as lifestyle memes and watch reviews. I often do feel connected to the bloggers and am miffed when I do not see a new posting. I even comment occasionally.

All and all I would recommend this chick flick as a must see movie for anyone who is not violently opposed to chick flicks.

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