Thursday, December 24, 2009

2010 Goals

As we approach the end of another year, it is time to take a look at how I did on my 2009 goals. I did not meet my relationship goals. I was 50/50 on my health goals by managing to maintain exercise, but not improving my diet. I did meet my hobbies goals by limiting my poker hours and participating in triathlon. However, I failed to meet my family goals. I also had a flyer to maintain a hobbies budget, but I went over.

I have set and tracked goals for the past four years. Meeting 3 of 8 goals in 2009 was actually my best performance to date with a 38% success record. I guess it is time to lower the bar again. I will continue to focus on relationship, health, hobbies and family (excluding career and friends). This year I am only planning 6 goals focusing even more on my marriage. This year will be the flyer to discard 50 items from my current repertoire of 950. My past goal successes have translated into lifestyle changes. I have had a more difficult time dissecting my failures.

In 2006 I had some flaky goals like learning to play bridge and call at least one friend on the phone once/week. They were well intentioned to broaden my interests away from poker and develop a network to reduce stress and get involved in activities. I did not even track calling friends, but I am sure it was around once/month at the most. Of the 13 goals I set I only met 3 and they were in the field of career and health.

In 2007 I set up goals that were very easy to quantify like lose 15 pounds and buy a house. While the goals were easy to track, they did not translate into a daily shift in mindset. I would like to work towards self improvement on a daily basis rather than try to participate in a fourteener hike annually. Of the 7 goals, I only met 1 and it was in the field of relationship.

In 2008 I made a shift towards more quantifiable goals like date night and tracking casino hours. My failures this year were in terms of planning events like a getaway weekend with my wife, ski trips and hosting a poker game. As in past years, scribbling something down on a piece of paper does not help me. I met 4 of 11 goals in 2008. They were in the fields of family health and hobbies.

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