Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Christmas

Well it is pretty much a given that we will have a white Christmas. I shoveled about 10 inches of snow over the past two days and the forecast high temperature is 19 degrees. I guess it is nice for pictures. As we are not traveling, I have developed a “Let it Snow” attitude.

I also have a winter shut down at work. With the weather that will translate into a little more time catching up on movies and a little less time exercising. Although I am excited to get the trainer set up again. Planet Fitness will also have regular hours every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas. I am working hard to ensure that I can maintain mental focus through my “A” race in August 2010. To that end I want to keep my workouts fresh, balance family time and stay enthusiastic through the next 8 months.

I am also finally getting around to a proper bicycle fit. I decided to go with Retul and looking forward to an education on bicycle fitting and also finally having my measurements dialed in. The end goal is to purchase a new triathlon bike. For having learned to ride a bicycle at 7 years of age and having ridden on a regular basis for at least 20 of the last 30 years, I am remarkably clueless on bicycle fitting and maintenance. I can change tires and know when my seat is too high or too low, but beyond that I really have no idea what I should be looking for. Maybe this adventure will lead me down the road to maintenance classes which could save me the cost of an $80 tune-up annually.

Most importantly it will be good to spend time with family. The girls have truly grown up fast and it is hard to remember life before the two of them. I have not planned out any structured activities, but given the weather, our best bet may be a trip to the Natural History Museum.

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