Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2009 by the Numbers

The arbitrary line in the sand that is January 1st allows for a multitude of benchmarking. Last year, I came across a data set that really got me thinking about my own life and my fondness for tracking data. I am struggling to find the link now, but the graphic artist relayed how many soft drinks were consumed, etc. during the calendar year. My own data tracking included financial, nutrition, exercise and hobbies data.

% Change in financial assets: +24%
Take home pay savings: 32%
Multivitamins Consumed: 31
Weight Gained: 6 lbs.
Bicycled: 830 miles
Ran: 231 miles
Swam: 53 miles
Endurance events: 3
Injured/Sick: 65 days
Days at Planet Fitness: 14
Played Poker: 90 hours (+39 hours travel time)
Watched Television: 513 hours
Books Read: 15
Date Night: 10 outings

This year I think I will also track movies I see in the theater in addition to my television viewing. I know that it was at least 14 and probably double that number. I would also like to record calorie consumption, but that has proved to be very tedious. A life cannot be reduced to numbers. However, numbers do provide some unique insights. In the quest to be the best me I can be, I can only experiment with a sample size of one. I keep track of things I would like to do more of as well as things I would like to do less of.

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