Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Training Tuesday

I missed posting Movie Monday, but after seeing “Armored” at the discount theater, I really don’t have much to say. The movie passes the time with an interesting plot and some familiar casting. The theme has been beat to death and the story line just doesn’t fit into the allotted run time.

Anyway, in terms of training, things were going really well until Monday morning. I had made 3 swim workouts in a row and feel improvements in my stroke. I also completed a 5K time trial at work in 31:28 last Thursday. Although the time put me squarely in last place it was nice to brush up against 10 minute miles after spotty training. I have not spent much time on the bike, but did pick up a pair of SPD pedals to add some comfort to my indoor trainer time. I even managed to slip into Planet Fitness for a morning workout on Superbowl Sunday.

Flash forward to Monday morning when I woke up with a wicked episode of gout in my right second toe. After a slightly hectic weekend and no unusual dietary changes I was pretty alarmed to have a gout flare up. It has been a tough month with episodes in my left knee followed by left ankle and now right toes. It is letting up and usually toe episodes have only lasted 2 days for me. Unfortunately I don’t know what the underlying culprit is. Assuming it is stress, some of the external stressors of the past month should be letting up. If it is diet, weather, activity or something else I could continue to see flare-ups.

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