Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hobbies T(H)ursday

Wednesday was supposed to be Wildcard Wednesday, but I could not think of a topic to launch off on. I am also thinking about jumping ahead to Finance Friday, but I will wait before elaborating on the benefits of a Roth IRA conversion.

The topic today is softball. I received the initial call regarding softball on January 30th and I have yet to reply. Last year we had a 25 game season spread over 13 days. I managed to participate in 8 games on 7 days. Usually when we had a double header, I would opt for the first game and then head home to help with baby. This year instead of a newborn and 2 year old in the house, we will have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Will that be easier or harder? At any rate, I know that I will definitely miss 5 weekends already. My wife has 3 reserve weekends and 1 business trip. In addition I am planning a triathlon near the end of the season.

Every year around January I start to get the itch to play softball. Inevitably by mid-season, I find myself concerned about injuries and how many games I have missed. I don’t really mind spending the money to participate as softball is a very social event for me. Eventually I will call the coach and tell her that I want to play and will make as many games as I can.

Softball is the last team sport I am clinging to. Based on my experience with basketball, once I lose touch with an active league it is very hard to get involved again.

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