Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Training Tuesday

It has been a healthy week. I managed to get in 5 workouts and maintain my weight just below 190 pounds. I have continued to focus on swimming and performed two self directed workouts in addition to one Master’s practice. I have felt more fatigued in the pool. I think that may be partially due to being on empty in the morning. The next swim session I perform may be preceded by some food and liquids. A few new items came up on my stroke. I was not finishing well and am breathing late. I guess it is like peeling an onion. 4150 yards

I was outdoors for a 10 mile bike ride on Saturday that was pretty comfortable except for the strong winds. It has been a few weeks since I was on the bike. TSS 83.90

I only managed one run workout and that was on the treadmill at Planet Fitness. It was just an easy run to get used to moving again. HR average: 151; HR maximum: 160

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