Monday, February 15, 2010

Movie Monday - Rachel Getting Married

Movie Monday is featuring Rachel Getting Married. I watched several movies this weekend including Public Enemies and Swimfan in addition to the film being reviewed. Rachel Getting Married stuck with me.

It is a story of a young woman in recovery from drug addiction. She is struck back with her family as she is given a pass from the rehabilitation clinic in order to attend her sister’s Indian themed wedding. The family dynamic is pretty overwhelming as her parents are divorced and remarried. Further there are constant undertones of past sins and tragedy in the family.

On an upbeat note the wedding and music is terrific. The details are exquisite and include a Sangeet as well as an incredible wedding cake designed as an elephant.

All in all I sat back and thought about my relationship with my parents and my sisters. I also thought about what type of family dynamic my wife and I are creating for our children. Addiction is but one affliction that can affect a family and the pain is felt by all family members. It seems at heart there is a self-centeredness that needs to be abandoned. It is hard to be self centered if you begin to concern yourself with the happiness of people surrounding you.

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