Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Training Tuesday

On this particular Tuesday, I am reminded of how much my spouse, who is celebrating a birthday today, contributes to my ability to train. In addition to taking care of my little ones when I am out of the house, she provides support in other ways as well.

Balancing work and home life can be difficult for any individual. When that individual chooses to train 10-15 hours a week that balance is even more precarious. I shoot for 5 hours/week and right now that means 3 morning swims and a weekend bike ride. That will be supplemented with some weekday bike rides as daylight savings time has started. In terms of mental support, my family is really good about accepting my routine and encouraging me to take advantage of midday temperatures.

Triathlon training can be expensive as well. My family is pretty frugal and devoid of expensive hobbies. My wife may indulge in a haircut or pedicure on occasion, but does not set the family back the way my $XXX swim pass, $XX shoes or $XX bike tune-up does. While the sport does not have to be a money pit, I tend to turn my hobbies into money pits. I appreciate my wife keeping me on an even keel to have safe quality equipment without going overboard on the latest second shaving gizmo.

This weekend brought weather in the high 50’s and I was able to take the Pinarello out for a spin. It will take a few more rides to get used to the aero position. I only used the drops for climbing and for hydration. Overall, I am very pleased with the fit. It is not an aggressive fit, but it is quite a change from my Gios set up.

Swim training has been tough. I find myself gasping for air and wonder if allergy season is already upon us. This morning it was particularly difficult as I was up from 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM with the 1 year old,before I tapped out and had my wife take a shift. I woke up around 5:50 PM and laid in bed until about 6:00 AM. Then I started collecting my gear and brushing my teeth. I don’t think I woke up until the 30 degree air hit my face as I hopped in the car. I was in the water about 20 minutes late as practice “starts” at 6:00 AM. Warming up did not feel good and the 150 yards made me aware of how tight my shoulders have been. The main set included descending 50’s. My fastest 50 to date is 47 seconds. Today I could not get under 53 seconds and my lane partner was doing kick sets as fast as I was doing my 50’s. My late arrival was complemented by an early departure. Practice goes until 7:30 AM, but for me to get showered and dressed for work I need to be out of the water around 6:50 AM. On the upside, coach said that my form looked better. I had been failing to extend well on my hand entry. I still find swimming in the morning energizing, but some mornings are better than others.

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