Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wildcard Wednesday - Reading

Today’s installment will cover my treatment of reading as a hobby. My recent post on fun made me realize that I don’t often look forward to reading nor do I feel energized after a session of reading. I typically read in the evenings and reading is an escape from my daily life. Being a spectator to a fictional story is a wonderful pastime. Similarly with non-fiction it is fun to gather tips and tricks in relation to my hobbies or increase my general knowledge base.

My reading list in 2009 contained 4 fictional works, 7 running/triathlon books, 2 poker books, 1 book on organizing and 1 non-fiction book regarding the meltdown on Wall Street. In 2010 I have completed 1 fictional work and 1 non-fiction work on running. I am also in the middle of “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.

Looking back on the books I have read, I mostly seem to supplement my triathlon training and movie schedule with a flexible media outlet. I subscribe to “Triathlete” magazine and regularly check blogs and forums on triathlon training, financial markets, poker, luxury and

The interesting thing is that I rarely make time to read. If there is nothing on television and the girls are asleep, I will curl up with a book. If I need to put one of the girls to bed after 8:30PM, I will often just go to sleep myself.

I usually get books from the library. In 2009 I read one book off of my shelf and in 2010 I have purchased 2 books on poker (neither of which I have completed). I enjoy the library for a few reasons. First, it saves money. Second, it slows the forward advance of my earthly possessions. Unfortunately my tastes are not completely satisfied by the library. I am interested in out of print poker books and off the beaten path triathlon books. I don’t mind paying for these if I read them. I hate buying something and losing interest after a few chapters.

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