Friday, April 09, 2010

Family Friday

This has been a challenging week for the family. Mommy has had the crud. Diya has been acting OK, but has also had bouts of diarrhea.

Obviously this makes meal time more challenging than it usually is. Monday I had chicken and stove top. Tuesday I had boca burgers and then we went to Qdoba. Wednesday I cooked chicken and ramen and the girls had some handvo. Thursday has been the worst so far with a sampling from Whole Foods including Greek Pizza, cucumber and avocado rolls and a sampling from the salad bar. This planned picnic was a complete bust. Friday may end up being Domino’s night, unless I get a great idea.

The house feels like it is in disarray as well. We are caught up on laundry. We are behind on dishes. I need to come up with a plan for sippy cups. We should have 4 in use at any given time and 4 that are being washed, but I think the inventory stands at around 6. Fortunately we are way ahead on bottles as Nisha has about 8 in stock and only needs to have two active at any given time.

The rest of the house just needs a 60 minute pick up and wipe down, which I may knock out tonight.

The weekend will be busy with the absence of Mommy. Fortunately the nice weather should allow for a day at the zoo or some other outdoor fun.

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