Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Well I finally turned the corner on the chest cold on Sunday and got out on the bike for a quick spin. That went pretty well so I decided to try running yesterday. This was a little tougher and I realized that I still had a productive cough. This morning I was back in the water and felt surprisingly good warming up and during the long sets. Unfortunately the fast 100’s took their toll and I found myself swallowing some phlegm balls as I couldn’t bring myself to expectorate in the pool wells. It was actually a good session at Masters swimming and I look forward to making it to two more practices this week.

At any rate, it is nice to be on the mend and posting for training Tuesday. The bike ride was interesting to me. I took off from my house and again jumped on the West Side Duathlon route for a 9.3 mile loop. I actually set the clock at my Quaker Road start finish point and turned in a 46 minute time. This was about what I expected and I would like to use the route as my new test piece. As opposed to Leyden road or SH 72 between Indian and SH 93, the loop has more rolling hills as opposed to an up and down feel. The toughest climb is on the section of SH 93 which gains 200 feet in about 0.6 miles for an average grade of 6.3%. There are some rollers on Quaker Road/72nd/Virgil Way and a long descent on Leyden Road. Reference the middle 9 miles in the image.

click for larger image

Unfortunately the weather is going back to hell. As a result the next few days will be more treadmill and pool time.

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