Monday, May 03, 2010

Media Monday

This weekend I had the chance to go out to the movies. The only film that caught my eye was Hot Tub Time Machine. I liked the cast and the physical humor was about at the right raunchy level for me. The story line is one that resonates more than I care for. It was the story of 3 estranged friends who come together following one of the trio attempting suicide. In an effort to reconnect, they venture back to their favorite ski resort. The films name is a reference to them going back in time to 1986.

The ending is even worse than the beginning, but I did get a kick out of the 1980’s costumes, electronics and lifestyles portrayed. Although I occasionally wonder, what if, I would not bet my current life on changes.

On the Netflix circuit, I have been watching the first season of Weeds. This Showtime drama is about a family in a posh neighborhood. The husband unexpectedly dies of a heart attack and the wife is stuck trying to manage the household by selling marijuana while raising her 10 year old and 15 year old sons. There are some pretty funny scenes and dialogue. It is kind of like a degenerate Desperate Housewives. I am not sure if I will make it through the whole first season, but so far I have enjoyed it quite a bit. Season 6 is set to kick off in August of this year.

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