Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bike Training

I have been taking advantage of the nice weather and spending more time on my bike. April is a tough month in Colorado as there as the temperature can fluctuate wildly day to day and we get a good share of moisture. One of the interesting challenges is the wind.

Yesterday the wind gusts were probably pushing 30 miles/hour when I was on Leyden Road. Westbound I felt like I would be knocked over from time to time. The sustained winds were probably over 10 miles/hour. On the ride home, I felt like I could ride in the Tour. Sustaining 25-30 miles/hours was effortless. I am actually looking forward to reviewing the PowerTap data.

Last year the bike leg was my weakest effort in the two triathlons I completed. My indoor trainer could have provided a cycling base, but instead it collected dust. Nevertheless, I am planning to emphasize cycling going into my first even in June. Next to the transitions, the bike is where I can make the biggest percentage improvement relative to my competitors.

I am planning to ride three times per week for a total of roughly 50 miles. This should mostly be zone 2 training, but that of course is weather and terrain dependent.

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