Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Grab Bag

It has been a while since I have posted. While I would usually limit my comments to Training Tuesday, I think it may be more appropriate to knock out a full week of ramblings.

Today’s Movie Monday installment will be “The Bounty Hunter.” This pleasant romantic comedy reminded me of the movie “Bird on a Wire” with Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler do pretty well with their roles. The plot unfolds as the former husband and wife’s paths cross as Nicole has been arrested and fails to appear in court. Milo is tasked with returning her to jail to save his boss the $50,000 bail. The action continues as Nicole is researching a story that has put her life in jeopardy. While I am a big fan of romantic comedies, I have not been as impressed with Aniston who only has a short supply of facial expressions for her roles.

Training Tuesday is all about the bike. In the past week I have logged around 60 miles and the past month has contributed 240 miles. This is a great cycling base that will hopefully lead to some faster bike splits in the 5430 sprint triathlon. I have not been on the triathlon bike much as the position just doesn’t feel right. My gut is throwing off my pedal stroke and will have to be shed before I can really get aero.

Wildcard Wednesday will be about gambling. May was my biggest month of the year with 15 hours of gaming. That monthly total exceeded any in 2009 as well. At any rate, it was a fun up and down month. Interestingly it was nearly all poker with only one hours spent on negative expected value gaming. I have kind of been disillusioned by Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette. They seem like more social games and I have been more wary of having money riding on what is more or less a coin toss. In poker and especially Omaha, I feel like I have been getting my money into the pot as a favorite to win and only afterwards am impacted by the long shots.

Hobbies Thursday will be about the Denver Coin Expo. The girls and I went to the show on Saturday the 15th and they seemed to have a good time. Usually I am interested in gold coins and Morgan dollars, but this year it was tough for me to handle both of my children. We walked around for about an hour, said hello to some folks and my 3 year old selected a large cent from the bargain bin to add to her US type set. I let her dig around and see what looks pretty and then see what I think about it. I am usually less enthused when she pulls out a foreign coin of little numismatic value.

Family Friday is about the Apex Recreation Center. We have been taking the girls swimming more and this past weekend we hosted a birthday party. Kid’s parties are usually not fun for the parent’s and this was no exception. However with the party rooms and the built in entertainment, the event seemed to be pretty successful. The kids played, sang happy birthday and we did not have too many leftovers. There was only one add-on and one no-show which is par for the course.

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