Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Swimming and Softball

I participated in the Stroke & Stride last Thursday and had an awful swim. I went out fast and never got into a rhythm. As much as I hated to do it, hanging onto the kayak for a few minutes was a relief. I went and practiced open water swimming at Chatfield on Saturday and that helped a lot. The water was great and there were a ton of people out there. The 300 yard swim to the sand bar was perfect for me to swim a few times and get used to open water swimming again.

Softball was tough this Sunday. The team was short players so I went ahead and played both games. Unfortunately I did not listen to my base coach at third and got involved in a close play. I ended up sliding and avoided the tag at home, but sacrificed a layer of skin in the process. Hopefully it continues to heal well so that I can get back in the water a couple of more times before the 5430 sprint.

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