Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Big Training Weekend

Well we stayed in town this July 4th and aside from entertaining some out of town guests my weekend was wide open.

Friday July 2nd I started off with a quick bike ride prior to going out to the movies with my spouse. It was nice to see that my perceived intensity corresponded well to the power meter average of 123W (compared to my usual 100W efforts).

Saturday July 3rd I got in a great swim at Chatfield. I still love the sleeveless wetsuit. I also got a chance to get a nice bike ride in the afternoon. The weather really started to turn and the head winds almost stopped me in my tracks at times. I persevered to get in a 90 minute ride and felt pretty good. That night we went out for Mexican food.

Sunday July 4th was supposed to be an easy day so I went for a steady run in the morning. The weather was really terrific so I went a little longer than planned. I got home after an hour and lounged the rest of the day.

Monday July 5th I was back on the bike. This time I got a short 15 mile ride done in the morning. That afternoon we took the girls to the park and played some tennis.

As of Tuesday morning this weekend warrior was officially done training. I am pretty excited about the big training weekend as next weekend it will be much harder to do anything as my wife has her reserves weekend.

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