Friday, August 20, 2010

Family First Aid Kit

Scouting ingrained me with the motto “Be Prepared.” As a result, I had a first aid kit that I used for camping. As an adult, I was more haphazard, but would at least have bandages and athletic tape in the house along with cough drops and other over the counter medications. As a father, I have had to go a step further to make sure there was also easy to find thermometers and children’s fever reducer.

Having the items scattered around the house is a matter of course. When the girls are sick the thermometer and fever reducer is in the bedroom. When we are going outdoors, sunscreen is in the diaper bag or stroller. I have allergy medication along with anti-inflammatory medications in the kitchen, at work and in a small travel bag for ready deployment.

Yesterday I took the initiative to have a place for everything. This place is a redeployed tackle box labeled “First Aid.” I don’t expect everything to stay there all the time, but when we routinely clean up, I wanted a handy place for everything. It will also be useful for car trips. It is large enough for most routine stuff and small enough to be mobile.

Another perk of my project was cleaning out the tackle box as I have not been fishing in over 5 years. I got rid of all the perishable items such as plastic worms and lures. I was able to combine all of the remaining items (hooks, sinkers, rooster tails, etc.) in the smaller nesting box as I was not ready to part with those yet. I also found a 35mm film canister, which aren’t ubiquitous anymore.

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