Monday, August 30, 2010

Rocky Mountain Road Runners

I had the chance to participate in the Rocky Mountain Road Runners (RMRR) marathon training series (MTS) yesterday. I opted for the 10 mile run as that last time I ran that far was 2002. It was a well organized event with about 60-80 runners most of whom were participating in the 20 mile event.

Fortunately there were a couple of people at my pace. I ran with one lady for the first couple of miles and another guy for the last four miles. I kept a pretty steady pace between 11:00 and 12:00 miles and the course was pretty flat out and back. It was surprisingly well supported with water, Gatorade, Gu and Chomps every two miles. My course was an out and back. The 20 miler was an out and back twice.

The RMRR seemed like a fun group and definitely an organization I would like to be involved with in the future. I will probably try to do the even September 26th and try to improve upon my 1:55 time for the 10 mile.

I also had the chance to try out some new CEP compression sleeves and I was impressed. My legs felt reasonable the rest of the day and only moderately dead this morning.

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