Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My last training post was at the end of August as I was just coming off of my final event of the season, the RMRR 10 miler. It has been a slow September due to a variety of circumstances. My wife was traveling some. My parents were visiting from out of town. On top of everything else, I have also had some gout flare ups in my right foot.

Given those caveats, I still managed to log 10,250 yards in the pool, 70 miles on the bike and 29 miles in my running shoes. I am changing my routines somewhat, but I never really worked towards a build or peak during the regular season. I focused mostly on base workouts during the regular season.

In transitioning, I plan to work a little more on backstroke and breaststroke in the pool. My running will probably stay the same. Hopefully my cycling does not fall off a cliff as it has a tendency to do the past couple of winters. On colder days, I will probably do some weight training.

I was pleased to get through the season relatively unscathed. I think I have made significant progress in keeping my gout under control with hydration and being aware of stressors. I plan to do some more foot races during the winter and may take up some of the Racing Underground winter duathlons.

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