Monday, October 25, 2010

Veloswap 2010

Veloswap was held on Saturday and I made my way down there with my daughters in tow. Usually they are good for an outing and this weekend was no different. Unfortunately the crowds were well beyond what I have experienced in the past. Making the rounds with a double stroller was well beyond what I was used to.

We parked OK and made our way to the entrance. We did a quick pass through the sponsored booths stopping only at the Garmin tent so that I could pick up a pair of thermal bibs. In the winter, I have been opting for knee warmers, but thought I would step up the comfort level this year. I was glad I got their early as I think I grabbed the only XL pair they had.

The other items on my list were shoe covers and lights. Shoe covers were to be found at SPA sports as well as another company that carried a lot of gear with pro logos. I have a pair of lycra SPA shoe covers and decided to give their “wind breaker” version a try. My current cold weather booties from Performance bike are kind of tedious to put on, but they do keep my feet toasty when riding in cold weather.

I usually pick up socks also, but was not ready to fight the crowd as save our souls (SOS) socks. $3/pair is a screaming deal, but I am willing to pay the premium. I also got some random snacks.

Last year I remember a lot more food booths including evol burritos.

The highlight of the trip for the girls was one booth that happened to have lollipops and the Subaru tent that happened to have some bean bag toss game set up. The other folks with kids in tow were having an equally tough time so I did not feel too bad for dragging the girls out. I did make sure to keep the trip under an hour which still allowed me to cover about half the show.

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