Friday, October 22, 2010


It is that time of year again and Halloween is a mere 9 days away. Our kids are at an age that Halloween should be a lot of fun. They are into candy and they are into getting stuff. Hopefully the weather cooperates and it is relatively mild for trick-or-treating.

In addition to roaming the neighborhood, our girls will also have the opportunity to be in costume for two Halloween parties. These should be a big hit as well as anything out of the ordinary is cause for excitement.

We usually scramble to develop Halloween outfits, but this year is the exception. My wife went shopping by herself and was able to procure outfits for herself and the kids. The kids are always easy as we purchase those either locally or online. My wife’s outfit has been a continuous challenge and I have been enlisted as a seamstress the past two years.

Halloween 2007: Bumblebee (Flower)

Halloween 2008: Ladybug (8 Ball)

Halloween 2009: Dora and Boots (Traffic cone)

Halloween 2010: Clowns (Doctor)

This year we are again hoping to take part in Chipotle’s Boorito event. Unfortunately aluminum foil will not suffice for a free entrée. Instead we will be tasked to dress up as a processed food to secure a $2 entrée. The only ideas I have so far are canned spam and chicken nugget. I am thinking my best bet is to exploit my children rather than trying to costume myself.

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