Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Inception has the most original premise that I have seen for a movie in quite some time. The plot centers on shared dreaming and the potential to uncover thoughts in a person’s subconscious mind. DiCaprio plays Dominic Cobb who is a leader in the field of shared dreaming. He lives off the grid earning a living through industrial espionage. The subplots are as convoluted as the dream layers, but overall I still really enjoyed the movie.

I love a good sci-fi movie and this certainly fit the bill. I remember it opened to some acclaim, but never heard anything about the storyline. As opposed to the sci-fi of Avatar with other worlds, this future based film is more along the lines of Vanilla Sky.

This is not a movie that lends itself to casual viewing. If you want to escape your world and become engrossed in a unique adventure, Inception is slated to come to DVD in December 2010.

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