Thursday, November 04, 2010

Denver Coin Expo

The girls and I had a fun morning at the Denver Coin Expo. I am not sure how much they enjoy being at a coin show, but they are always in the mood for an outing. Numismatics is a lifelong hobby and I believe children can enjoy it. I especially like to pass it on as there is less and less physical currency changing hands and more and more electronic transactions using credit cards and automatic bill payment.

In addition to bringing over 50 dealers together to showcase wares, the coin expo also has club representatives and collecting supplies. The top draw for my girls is the free quarter. This year, the Yellowstone quarter was featured as part of the America the Beautiful series. Many of the dealers also have “bargain bins” which the girls can sort through. While these are designed to keep kids occupied while the adults browse the coins of higher numismatic value, they are very educational. I have attempted to steer Diya towards developing a type set. She currently has a large cent, liberty nickel (purchased at this show) and seated liberty dime. Nisha’s inaugural year started with an Indian head cent.

My own collection expanded a bit as well and I found a $10 Indian in reasonable condition that met my budget. The last few trips I have been unable to shop for myself, but this year the girls’ attention spans held up great.

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