Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Roundup

Due Date: Due Date seemed pretty popular and the advertisements looked entertaining. As a result I saw this film at the first run theater. I was not impressed. There was some dry humor, some sophomoric humor and some weird situations, but overall the movie did nothing for me. I liked the cast, but Zach Galifinakis’s character just started getting on my nerves. Overall, I would not recommend it unless you are really craving a comedy.

The Joneses: I watched this courtesy of Netflix and really enjoyed it. The Joneses move into a new neighborhood and become quite influential in peoples tastes. I liked the cast and dialogue. The premise of the movie allows for a reasonably dramatic plot.

Easy A: Easy A is a pleasant teen romantic comedy starring Emma Stone. The premise of the high school rumor mill is well established and this film takes it on pretty well. Emma’s character Olive Penderghast goes from nobody to losing her virginity to becoming promiscuous through a series of overheard conversations, acting and embellishment. There are some throwbacks to eighties teen comedies and overall I highly recommend adding this as a rental.

Breaking Upwards: This drama is an independent film that I viewed on demand from Netflix. It is a story of a couple who is bored with their relationship and decides to start taking days off to either freshen up the relationship or easy the pain of breaking up. While it is moderately entertaining, I have grown very accustomed to big budget films and the action was just too slow for my tastes.

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