Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Lights

I will be the first to admit that our household does not have an intuitive storage plan. We have the standard deep storage items including seasonal decorations, kids clothing succession, non-display memorabilia, less often used sports equipment and clothing that does not fit.

Our seasonal decorations are pretty sparse and are limited to 1 box for Easter, 1 box for Halloween and 3 boxes for Christmas. However, this year I was at a loss for where the outside Christmas lights had disappeared to.

Over the course of a year several things move from primary living space to convenient storage to longer term storage. With a child going from 10 months old to 22 months old, we were able to retire a large amount of baby items that are on queue to be donated. Unfortunately this queuing process really disrupted access to the Christmas lights which were found by my spouse right where I thought I already looked.

As part of the process, I realized that there is a large amount of my sports equipment that is taking up convenient storage. I should really move these items to longer term storage so that the family can take advantage of the convenient storage. I also noticed a plethora of luggage and duffle bags that seem to be growing without end. I am going to breakdown and start getting rid of these bags that “will always come in handy” as they have not come in handy in over a year.

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