Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2011 Goals

I have struggled more than usual with goals this year. That stems from my new perspective. I want goals that create behavioral change rather than milestones. Further I have seen that goals that may seem like a good idea are not the same as goals that I am jazzed about. Also I have seen the benefits of past goals in my daily life. I am reaping the benefit of limiting poker hours, ramping up triathlon hours and tracking television time.

In the past my goals have landed in 6 big buckets: Relationship, Career, Health, Hobbies, Friends and Family. In 2010 I focused on Relationship, Health, Hobbies and Family and excluded Career and Friends. This year I have lowered the bar again and wan to focus on Relationship, Health and Family. My daily hobbies activities are now in line with the life I want for myself. I would like to developing lasting male friendships, but I have struggled to allocate time to this end.

For 2011, I want to affect positive change on my Relationship with my wife and my diet. Unfortunately, I am not that excited by managing diet. When I overeat it is in binges and not a daily downfall. My diet is pretty fixed at around 2500 calories/day. My eating binges tend to be 3 slices of pizza for a meal or half a box of cookies over two days. These swings are far more destructive than a daily bagel and cream cheese rather than a piece of fruit and a boiled egg.

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