Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nobody Pays Retail

I was recently stuck at the airport and decided to buy a book to pass the time. My sister had recently suggested “Freedom” so I looked for it at the bookstore. Hardcover was all that was available and the jacket price was $28, with tax it was just over $30. The book was bulky and paperback is not yet available.

When I got home, I looked the title up in the library and mine would have been hold 206 on 193 copies, so I could have gotten it in a matter of weeks.

Next I checked Amazon and the hardcover was $14.93 and the Kindle version $12.99. I am starting to believe the book was intentionally published bulky to draw readers to the Kindle version. Holding this book is heavy when reading in bed.

It got me thinking that very few people pay retail. I rarely purchase books unless I cannot borrow them from the library. I have occasionally considered purchasing out of print books that I have enjoyed so that I can maintain access to them in the future, but usually I don’t follow through.

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