Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sable Goggles

I continue to be miffed by the jellyfish style clasp on the recreational goggles by sable water optics. While the quality of the optics is incredible, I have gone through the original as well as 3 replacement clasps since July 2009. I have a hard time believing this is typical usage. I noticed that the fourth clasp was broken this morning.

The first break was just before a race in June 2010. The next break was in September 2010. The third break was in December 2010 and the last one broke this morning. The customer service has been very good, but how many of these things should I have to go through. Rather than request another replacement piece from Sable, I am taking a shot at a 0.75 inch plastic buckle assembly. If this works out in the pool, I may have a long term solution.

If I choose sable water optics in the future, I will try the competitive goggles which appear to have a more standard clasp. The jellyfish clasp has been nothing but trouble.

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