Tuesday, March 08, 2011


This year I did not revisit the dilemma of whether or not to play softball. I want to play. I will still miss some games and I am still not very good. However being a part of is becoming more important to me. I have put social circles and supportive friends on the back burner. I don’t know how this trend started, but today I have a hard time calling anyone. If I need help with something or wanted to participate in non-individual sports, I am not sure where I would turn.

I have played softball for the past 10 years and while the friendships are casual at best, it is important for me to not let go on another facet of who I am. I recently read “The Tennis Partner” by Verghese and it was a powerful reminder to me of how important male friendship is. It would be beneficial for me to have a commitment that allows me to spend time with a non-family member on a weekly basis.

I could easily create that time also as I could cut out my semi-regular poker outings and movie outings. Unfortunately, I still have problems with commitment and prefer to have a flexible schedule.

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