Friday, March 25, 2011

What’s for Dinner?

The dinner question continues to rear its ugly head. The past week has gone as follows:

Thursday: Souper Salad
Wednesday: Soup (me), Rubio’s (wife), uneaten rice/beans (girls)
Tuesday: Turkey Burger/muffins (me), ? (wife), uneaten rice/daal (girls)
Monday: Buffalo Wild Wings
Sunday: Frozen Pizza
Saturday: Popeye’s Red Beans & Rice, Which Wich
Friday: McDonald’s

The past seven days have amounted to 4 nights of eating out, 2 nights of prepared foods and 1 night of actual cooking. Costs aside, the dinner plan has probably had a significant impact our family’s health as fast food is typically high in sodium. Further, it is not apparent that the girls are eating more with dining out than they are with dining at home. The convenience is certainly a factor, but it should not be the exclusive factor.

I have turned to the internet to find recipes for kids but have had mixed success. Usually mixed ingredients have not gone well and soup has been hit or miss. Tonight I plan to lead with hummus and crackers and then follow up with soup.

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