Thursday, April 07, 2011

Hunkta Bunkta

My girls got an unusual treat last night as they decided to join me on an errand to the library to return an unfinished book (I am back on the waitlist) and pick up a request. We ran into our neighbors who had extra tickets to a Hunkta Bunkta. Katherine Dines has been putting these roughly 1 hour programs on at all of the Jefferson County Libraries and the event we attended was at Standley Lake.

She was a very vibrant entertainer and even my girls stayed engrossed for nearly 30 minutes which is saying quite a bit. She mostly sang, but also played guitar and had a variety of props.

As per the routine, she also had CD’s and other items for sale. I usually don’t mind these captive audience type things because it gives me the opportunity to see works or performances that I otherwise would not. Further I appreciate that as a public resource, the meeting rooms should be made available to government officials, non-profit organizations and community members assuming the events are open to the public and family friendly.

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