Monday, April 18, 2011


I have been pretty disciplined about making Master’s practice and even made last weekend’s 5:00 AM practice. It is that time of year with a lot of swim meets and the Meyer’s pool hosts their fair share. My stroke continues to feel better and I am gradually building up my endurance. The past several workouts my coach has got me thinking in terms of send-offs instead of resting between sets which has been really beneficial.

I have been getting out on the bike a little more and feeling really good. My average power has not gone up much, but my speeds have improved significantly. I was averaging 11.7mph April 2010 and have been averaging 13.4mph this April. I also had the chance to explore Easley Rd. which links my part of town with the bike path that runs along State Highway 58. It is a pretty calm road without much traffic. Unfortunately it also does not have much of a shoulder.

My weekly mileage has averaged 17 miles per week the past 5 weeks and I am still on track for a good run at the Colfax Half Marathon. The Arvada Tri Club is going to start speed workouts this week and I feel like I have sufficient base mileage to take advantage of some speed training.

I have gotten out for a couple of short sessions the past two weeks. It is kind of weird to have a time cut-off, but I have to appreciate that I am not a professional player who will only play when the action is good and willing to walk when the action is poor. I am a recreational player who will play in a game when I am overmatched and likewise am willing to leave a soft game as I have other responsibilities.

My Purdue triathlon top arrived in the mail last week. I have some Shimano 6700 shifters coming in the mail this week. I also have a Hitachi cordless screwdriver on order. It is nice when sales come around for items that I have been patiently waiting for.

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