Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have had a gouty left first finger since my last post and that has significantly cramped my style. It is going on 10 days and at this point I am being as cautious as possible to get well again.

This has been non-existent this past week. I figure I have a 25% chance of Master’s practice Thursday and a 50% chance for Saturday.

The bike has been hung up. I took it to the shop last night for a long awaited 10 speed upgrade. I am excited to have it back for the weekend.

I have still been putting in the miles as my finger is a non-issue. However with the Indomethacin and Vicodin, I did put on some weight which made for slower miles. Less than three weeks to go for the Colfax Half Marathon.

I had a good session last Saturday and have now gone up the hill three weekends in a row and have been back on time every weekend. I am not sure about this weekend, but I am not missing anything.

My Hitachi cordless screwdriver arrived and the batteries were even charged when I opened up my little kit. I also received a shipment from the US Mint. My shopping is pretty much done now and thankfully so as my coin purchases this year have been above budget.

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